North Sea Jishi Temple

Secret forest

  • It is a simplified temple for Jigong (濟公, a Buddhism god usually in appearance of rotten dressing).

    However, most visitors are not coming for Jigong, but for yoshino cherry blossoms in March. There are not many yoshino cherries being planted within, nevertheless, there is a sea of yoshino cherry plantation in the artificial forest next to the temple – we supposed the land owner planting these trees for future sale and transplantation. The place is rarely known in comparison to its stunning beauty, so some couples come here especially for pre-wedding photos.

Wuji Tianyuan Temple

Busy but Beautiful

New Taipei City
  • The following fact is a common sense of travellers all over the world: the price of no matter flight ticket and hotel to Japan will be a double during March and April annually, because of the nation-wide flowering season of cherry blossom - the national flower of Japan. Only few of travellers (especially rare among Asian) know the lower-priced Taiwan also has cherry blossom flowering from January to March, from plains to mountains and from urban to suburb. The hottest spots of admiring cherry blossom are undoubtedly Yangmingshan and Alishan.

  • However, when in terms of the convenience and number of visitors, this Wuji Tianyuan Temple in Tamsui/Danshui shall come to light.

    In this Taoism temple worshipping Yu Huang Dadi (玉皇大帝, Jade Emperor, one of the three greatest deities in Taoism), the most appealing structure within is the five-stories Tiantan (天壇, Altar of Heaven) at the middle. Yoshino cherry trees are planted all around the building. People would meet with a sea of pinky petal here in every year’s mid-March. With pleasure weather, you can easily take a nice and stunning picture


Come visit Beitou to experience the steamy side of Taipei life! This district owes its fame to the hot springs built during the Japanese Colonial Era. Thanks to the proximity of Yangmingshan and its post-volcanic geothermal activity, Beitou is naturally supplied with plentiful sulfuric waters that make for the perfect bathing solution. Discover the eerie yet alluring Geothermal Valley and watch as the water “exhales” its steam from the surface. Then step into the past with a visit to theBeitou Hot Spring Museum to uncover the Japanese influences that helped shape the hot spring bathing culture in Beitou. Or look to the future with inspiration at one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly libraries in the world.

Wu's Ancestral Shrine

Floral Views of Taipei

  • Through the name, it is clearly stated that this is a place for the Wu’s family to worship their ancestors. At this shrine on Beitou's hill, people could take in Tamsui and Shilin at a glance. When it comes to night scene, this is definitely a spot must not be missed. That seeing the Chinese-style pavilions and palatial structures here makes anyone being jealous of Wu’s luxurious past.

    Every Chinese New Year (around January to February in every year), the place would be surrounded with blooming Taiwan Cherry. Numerous couples or photography-enthusiasts might come for the attractive sight.

Wulai Waterfall

Power vs Fragility

  • Wulai Waterfall is in height of 80 meters and width of 10 meters. Throughout Japanese-ruling period, it had been called Unrainotaki (雲来の滝).

    Pubu Road is the optimal site to view this waterfall within Wulai Scenic Area. It has the highest height among waterfalls in North Taiwan. In addition to Wulai Waterfall, it is also called Yunhsien Waterfall. In spring, it is also an ideal place for cherry blossom viewing. Furthermore, there are shops selling aboriginal food and handicraft products on the street. You can take a ropeway to have a full view of the waterfall and to visit Yun Hsien Resort above.

Renshan Botanic Garden

Dappled Light Blossoms

  • With vast area, Renshan Botanic Garden is the most accessible botanic garden in Yilan and a popular site for local hikers. Formerly known as Renshan Nursery Garden, Renshan Botanic Garden offers introduction of diversified types of plant and comprises garden landscaping of Chinese, Japanese, English and French style. Cherry Blossom flourishing in late winter as well as Tung Tree blooming in spring are the common plants in the garden. In the end of the walking path is a platform where visitors can overlook Lanyang Plain and Guishan Island. It is also a great place for watching the sunrise. Renshan Botanic Garden possesses abounding natural ecology. If lucky enough, you may have a glimpse of Formosan Macaque aside from the insects familiar to the public.

Xueba Leisure Farm

Alpine Blossoms

  • Xueba Leisure Farm is situated in remote mountain area with an elevation of about 2000 meters at Wufeng Township and near Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area. At the farm which is close to Xueba National Park, tourists can overlook Shengleng Trail (Holy Ridge Trail) on Snow Mountain in the far distance.

    If you drive from HSR Hsinchu Station, it takes approximately 3 hours to get to the farm through the winding mountain road along the way. Nevertheless, the farm abounds with scenic wonders. Aside from seasonal flowers like cherry blossom, plum flower and peach blossom which flourish during winter and spring, there are improved local vegetables and fruits that are natural and fresh, as well as several hiking trails where you can get gorgeous view. Staying overnight is necessary, and a visit of two consecutive nights is recommended.

  • Wanna try enjoying the sea of clouds and sunset while having a cup of coffee? Visit Sea of Clouds Café, and it can be a pleasure of life! Also, the restaurant there offers Chinese and western food as well as afternoon tea. For accommodation, you can stay at the cabin in the farm. Autumn is the best season to visit here when tourists may have an opportunity of enjoying the Milky Way and the sea of clouds with moonlight!

    Xueba Leisure Farm locates in a quite remote area. Staying overnight is necessary if you plan to have a trip here. This farm does provide accommodation service.

Wuling Farm

Cherry Blossoms and Star-Gazing

  • Although the farm is within the Taichung region, it takes 5 hours driving to arrive the farm from Taichung City, while it only takes 2 hours from Yilan City. You could enjoy the beauty of various plants when in different periods of a year: in February and March of spring - cherry blossom; in September of autumn - cosmos and in November of winter – maple. Because it is located on over 2000 meters altitude, you could hardly feel hot here. It is the only pathway to Snow Mountain (雪山), the second highest peak in Taiwan.

    The farm provides comprehensive site and equipment for camping. Visitors who residing in hotel within this farm could enjoy the orchestra live show and follow the guide of star-gazing. Due to its extensive area, it would be easier going around by car or bicycle. Under appropriate weather condition, you might be able to see waterfall of clouds (雲瀑) in the afternoon.

Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village

Blossoming Knowledge

  • Just a thirty minute drive from Sun Moon Lake, Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village is an interactive experience where you can discover the history and culture of nine major indigenous tribes of Taiwan. Making your way through the park, cherry blossoms will greet you from all directions. With the backdrop of the mountain foliage, this is a beautiful and meaningful place to experience cherry blossoms.


Perhaps you have heard of the famous Alishan and its high-mountain teas, but now you want to know what makes this place so popular. A trip to Alishan is all about the beauty of nature and the plentiful gifts it bestows. After a winding trip up through the lush mountainside, you will reach Fenqihu, a quaint village stop on the Alishan Forest Railway that was once an important transit point for the logging industry. A traditional railway bento box for lunch, crisp mist hugging the trees, and the sound of the mountain silence. This is Alishan.

Sun Link Sea


  • Sun Link Sea has something for everyone. At 1600 meters altitude, its natural life is brimming with flowers, fir trees and wild animals, of which cherry blossoms are especially popular around Chinese New Year. Don’t miss out on the easy hiking trails in the area to be awed by the unusual shapes of the natural rocks around you.

    Just relax at your own pace while walking and enjoying a forest bath, breathing organic phytoncides released from the tree and bamboo forests. You could also discover the 10 wonders of the park, and try to imagine how nature carved the mountain rock to become “The eyes between heaven and earth” and “Torrential waterfall cave” on the trail.


Classic Destination

  • Famous for its Giant Forest, Forest Railway, beautiful sunrise, fragrant tea, and the Sea of Clouds, Alishan is the delight of millions of tourists and locals each year. One particular attraction is the March cherry blossoms, which are especially visible at Alishan Youth Activity Center and Zhaoping Park. If you are looking for the best cherry blossoms in Taiwan, you may just have found them at Alishan!


A journey into the heart of Taiwan. Full of enchantment and amazement, a trip to Nantou will feel as if you’re venturing through a forested mountain wonderland. Our packaged itineraries offer many possibilities which allow you to select your own perfect balance of nature and culture.

Whether you’re a family with children or simply a child at heart, a visit to the Monster Village is a charming opportunity to get acquainted with the local forest spirits. Walk among, and even above, the trees at the nearby Xitou Nature Education Area for a truly refreshing “forest bath”.


King Garden + Ferry Boat + Ita Thao + Sun Moon Lake Ropeway + Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village